What’s the best compliment you have gotten about your hair?

In case you’re after a lot of pastel hair motivation, at that point the current week’s Hair Talk member is the woman for you. We got up to speed with SJ from “Cowbiscuits” to talk about her ‘My Little Pony’ locks.

We know you’re an aggregate shading chameleon however what shade has been your fave?

My definitive fave is most likely a candyfloss pink with somewhat lilac in the late spring – it is so adorable and I feel like a unicorn! I additionally cherish it when I’m bleach blonde.

Is there any shading you haven’t shaken yet that you’re anxious to attempt?

I’m right now turquoise however I’d loveee to go a darker shade of blue.

How would you spoil your locks?

I generally utilize an Argan Oil cleanser and conditioner yet once per week, I will utilize a hair veil on the finishes of my hair to keep them delicate and solid. On the off chance that I can abstain Virgin hair extensions from utilizing a hairdryer I will, just to keep off the warmth for a little time.

What hair patterns do you think have had their day and should clear out?

I don’t care for the entire half-shaved, half-long pattern.

Inform us regarding your regular hair mind schedule. Make sure to let the cat out of the bag on any blessed chalice items!

I cherish my Lee Stafford Big Fat Hair Salt Spray to give me a lift and I likewise love my Lee Stafford Argan Hairspray – it’s so light yet holds truly well!

At the point when it’s an “unordinary” shading, I get soo many compliments so it’s difficult to pick only one.

At the point when do you think your hair looks the best? Is it true that you are a wash-and-go young lady or styled to the nines?

I’m a wash-and-go young lady, I simply adore a volume help – the greater the hair, the nearer to God (as my most loved Drag Queen would state!).

Have you at any point had an aggregate hair fiasco?

When, I let my companion cut me a case periphery. Repulsive IDEA! I wound up running with a cap on to the closest beauticians and asking for them to settle it!

Have you at any point utilized any DIY hair medications?

No, I truly need to however!

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