Outstanding Curly Hair Extensions Color Trends


Curly Hair Extensions Color 1
Stylists who often do this hair color on their customers choose pieces of face-framing hair strands, dying them one tone while leaving the rest of the hair as-is. It is a perfect combination for wavy and curly hair extensions, as it gives the shading considerably greater development. There are some hair hues that are appropriate for most customers like brilliant dark colored, burgundy, and sandy darker for a more normal, sun-kissed appearance. This Ecaille style looks exquisite on round countenances and beige-tan appearances.

Pale Red

Curly Hair Extensions Color 2
On the off chance that you claim a characteristic rosy dark colored shade, you won’t need to do much to grasp the light red pattern we’ve been seeing. The shade is more profound than the strawberry-blonde and rose-gold patterns of 2016, yet subtler than burgundy or dark red. It makes blue or green eyes and spots emerge flatteringly. This is a decent approach to explore different avenues regarding shading on your twists in case you’re new to coloring your hair, since it doesn’t require the cruel fading of different looks on this rundown. 

Icy White

Curly Hair Extensions Color 3
This growing trend is an edgier, fresher take on the double-processed blonde of 2014. Many curlies and naturalista would cringe at the thought of bleaching their already-fragile coils, but with the invention of Olaplex, more stylists can achieve this color on their customers with minimal damage from such bleach and other chemicals. You can keep your icy white from getting brassy if you use it with purple shampoo. This will helps maintain the hue’s freshness.


Curly Hair Extensions Color 4
The blue-black color trend is both subtle and daring. If your workplace is accepting of creative colors, but you don’t want to go full-blown superhero, then this is your ideal shade. And, the night sky is dark blue — so it can be considered a color found in nature.



Curly Hair Extensions Color 6
Friends and family may not get it, and it’s not the most flunky color for most skin tones — but that’s not stopping us from attempting the gray trend in 2015. It is very difficult to achieve the hue, but Pravana just made it a little easier with its first gray dye, ChromaSilk Vivids in Silver. If you have the curve and already get icy white, then take your color to the next level with gray this year.

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