You can wear human hair extensions from one day to three weeks. Our quality human hair extensions wigs can be worn for about this three weeks duration without removing or shampooing. Once you remove the human hair extensions for cleaning, conditioning or shampooing you can easily reapply it on your scalp. Our human hair extensions last almost for a lifetime.

Human hair extensions

Our quality human hair extensionss are not just for stylish hairstyles but they can help you to look more modern, more trendy and fashionable. But human hair extensions have another side of social significance. Can you imagine a kid with cancer who is undergoing chemotherapy? The radiation would have eaten up all the hair out of that little kid’s scalp. How it would feel like to have a bald hair when you are so young? human hair extensionss help chemotherapy patients to look normal. Lace front wigs make cancer patients look better and feel good. Also people with hair thinning problem benefit a lot form human hair extensionss. People who are suffering from balding/alopecia can sport real looking hairstyle by wearing human hair extensionss. human hair extensionss instill confidence in such people and bring happiness to their life. human hair extensionss are their money’s worth indeed.
Remember, you have to handle it with utmost care. If there is any damage you have to repair it as soon as possible. In your lace front wigs minor repairs like lace front tears. It is enough if you set right these tears once for every few months. human hair extensions are made from 100% human hair. So they may shed after a year because of frequent combing, brushing, styling etc. But don’t worry. This also can be repaired. In fact you can even add variations to your human hair extensions. These additional changes do not cost much really. You will need a new human hair extensions if and only if you want different texture or hair length. Otherwise human hair extensions truly last long.

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