This week’s Hair Talk featured blogger is the ever-so-chic Charlotte from ‘Blonde Canvas’. We chatted to her about all things hair including some surprising hair comparisons…Tina Turner anyone?
Talk us through your everyday hair care routine…

When I wake up, my hair is usually like a lions mane. I brush my mane with a wide tooth comb, as my hair is naturally really curly and brushes tend to make it frizzier. Next I run some serum through my hair using my fingers; my hair is rather dry and this helps to give it a little moisture. My favourite serum at the minute is Renewing Argan Oil of Morrocco. After this I spritz V05 heat protection spray all over my hair and then do my makeup while I wait for my hair to absorb the heat protectant. After my make up I usually style vietnamese hair, for this I use Mark Hill barrel curlers. I curl the top layer as well as a few random pieces underneath and leave some of my natural curls in.

Tell us some of your favourite quick and easy hairstyles…

My favourite has got to be a Dutch Braid, it’s like a French Braid but you take the pieces under instead of over. Next I love a messy bun, this is my go to when I can’t be bothered with styling my hair. My third quick and easy hairstyle is rolling with it natural and adding a hat.

If you could take 3 of your hair holy grains to a desert island- which products would you pick?

Lee Stafford Breaking Hair Treatment- years of bleaching my hair has made it brittle and this helps to keep it strong.
Tresemme Curl Defining Mousse- This helps to keep my frizz under control when I want to wear my natural curls.
Aussie 3 minute Miracle Frizz Remedy- As I’ve mentioned, my hair is really dry and frizzy and this helps to keep it calm.

Are you a styling fiend or more wash and go?
I am definitely a wash and go person, I like low maintenance looking locks.


What’s the best hair compliment you’ve ever had?

One of my friends always says that my hair reminds him of Tina Turner (back in the day), although I’m not sure that’s a compliment…

What style has had it’s day and needs to be retired?
I’m really not a fan of the Joey Essex hair style that a lot of boys have been sporting recently. The short at the sides and long on top look, it’s been a bit overdone and I’m really not a fan.

What is your top tip for healthy tresses?
Let your hair dry naturally whenever possible! Avoiding hairdryers has worked wonders for my hair, however if you’re in a hurry, make sure to use heat protectant.

Have you ever been told any hair wisdom that has stuck with you through life?

Embrace your natural hair! When I was younger I would spend ages straightening my hair which resulted in it becoming really damaged. Everyone would tell me how much they loved my curls but I was adamant I wanted straight hair. Nowadays I think I look really strange with straight hair whereas my curls do actually suit me.

Who is your ultimate hair crush and why?

Thanks for chatting Charlotte, we think you’d look totally amazing as a redhead! You can see more of Charlotte at ‘Blonde Canvas’ which is full of dreamy hair looks for us to swoon over!

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